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Initially established by IC in 2007 as a wholly owned subsidiary, IC Power is a fast-growing global power generation company. Led by an international team of experienced power industry professionals, the Company focuses on supplying dependable electricity in fast-growth regions by developing and acquiring power plants in emerging markets.

IC Power’s global portfolio currently includes participation in approximately 4,100 MW of producing assets in Latin America, the Caribbean and Israel.1

Facts & Figures1

~4,100 MW
Current participation in power producing assets in nine Latin American countries and Israel
~3,000 MW Participating capacity added to-date following the acquisition by IC, including assets currently under construction and development
~1,300 MW
Projects currently under construction or development2
~$3.1bn Total project investment scope since 2007, including projects currently under construction or development2
Percentage of ICP participation contributing to Peru’s total electricity generation in 20133
· ICP is the owner of Kallpa, the largest thermoelectric power plant in Peru
CAGR of ICP proportional EBITDA (2008-2013)


IC Power is a dynamic global power company dedicated to developing large-scale, reliable clean power in rapidly growing markets. Leveraging significant financial resources as well as in-house development and operational experience, the Company is focused on increasing the supply of affordable energy to developing regions and supporting their continued rapid growth.
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  1. As of May 2014, prior to sale of holding in Edegel, subject to approval by the relevant authorities.
  2. Excludes Edegel's investment in a 195 MW Peru hydro project which is currently under development.
  3. Including Edegel.
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